Mexican Wedding Legalities

Getting Married in Mexico

Legal marriages in Mexico are performed only by the judge of the Civil Registry, usually at the offices of the Civil Registry. An application for the marriage (in Spanish) is filed in the offices of the Civil Registry.

In order to submit the application, you must present the following documents and pay a fee:

  1. Birth certificates and passports or other photo ID for both bride and groom.
  2. Results of blood tests, which must be performed in Mexico no more than two weeks prior to filing the application.
  3. Valid tourist permits or other visa from Mexican immigration authorities for both bride and groom permitting them to be in Mexico.
  4. If previously married, copy of the divorce decree (first and last pages showing the names of plaintiff and respondent as well as the date the divorce was granted.)
  5. Death Certificate in case of death of the previous spouse.

In addition to the above documents, the couple also must provide four witnesses and each must have a photo ID. The witnesses must be at least 18 years old. Parents cannot be witnesses. Witnesses can be provided for a modest fee.

The marriage can be performed as soon as the application is filed, based on the judge’s availability. The judge’s fee increases if you want him or her to perform the ceremony somewhere other than the offices of the Civil Registry.

In Mexico, it is customary to get married twice! The legal marriage is considered a formality. The marriage ceremony itself is considered the really important occasion.


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