1. How difficult is it to be legally married in Mexico?

To be legally married in Mexico, it is necessary to be married by the Judge of the Civil Registry.

2. How difficult is the process?

Blood tests done in Mexico are mandatory, along with a copies of birth certificates, passports or other photo ID, and valid tourist permits are necessary. There are other requirements if either the bride or groom were previously married. Click here for details. Four witnesses at least 18 years old, each with a photo ID, must also be provided. Parents cannot be witnesses.

3. What’s the easiest way to be married in Mexico?

Simply go to your own town hall, take out a marriage license and have a Justice of the Peace there perform the ceremony in his office. Then come to Mexico for your destination wedding performed by Reverend Juan for your family and friends.

4. How much is the minister’s fee to perform the ceremony?

The Minister’s fee is a simple, standard fee commiserate with other Los Cabos officiants, which includes a ceremony tailored to your desires and wishes. Also, at the ceremony’s completion, he will issue a Wedding Certificate to the newlyweds.

5. What does the ceremony consist of?

The welcoming and opening, giving away of the bride (when appropriate), question of intent, the vows, the ring exchange, final prayer and the introduction of the bride and groom as Mr. & Mrs.

6. How long, time wise, does the ceremony take?

A medium-length ceremony is about 10 minutes. A long ceremony is 12 to 15 minutes. The more formal and elaborate ceremonies with special readings can take up to 30 minutes or more!

7. Can there be special readings by the groom and bride to each other, or special readings by a family member or by a guest?

Should you desire to speak special words to your beloved, Reverend Juan will insert the readings in the appropriate place in the ceremony. Should you desire to have a family member or guest read, for example, “:Love’s Philosophy” from Corinthians or an excerpt from “The Prophet” by Kahil Gabran, this would be done in the same manner.

8. Religious or non-religious ceremony?

Your wedding is customized to your particular wishes and desires by Reverend Juan.

9. What about the sand ceremony, rose ceremony, thirteen coins, orchid washing, remembrance chairs, or lasso?

Reverend Juan is familiar with all types of special wedding ceremonies and would be happy to incorporate them into your special ceremony where appropriate.

10. What facets of a wedding ceremony does Reverend Juan incorporate into his ceremonies?

a) The welcoming and opening to family, friends and invited guests.
b) The question of intent which states the serious desire of Bride and Groom to be married.
c) The actual ceremonial vows of committment between the Bride and Groom.
d) The exchange of rings with unconditional love for all time between the Bride and Groom.
e) The final presentation announcing the couple as husband and wife.

11. What kind of Wedding Ceremony does Reverend Juan create?

Reverend Juan currently is using a combination of his favorite ceremonies for Los Cabos, Mexico.


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